Mit Muslimen im Gespräch (English)


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The 4th Edition is out: „In Conversation with Muslims“ with 3 new Chapters!
Communicating the „Triunity of God“ and the „Nature of Christ“ interculturally to Muslims in respect and clarity.
Explaning Mark 10:18: Achmed Deedat and Dr. Zakir Naik claim, that Jesus says: „I am not God!“

This book helps you understand the basics of Islam and answers the most difficult questions Muslims pose on Christian doctrine. These include the “contradictions” found by Pierre Vogel.

Here you will find answers to questions like: If Jesus was God –

  • Why didn´t He know the time of the judgment day
  • Why did He pray?

There is also a section on Pierre Vogel’s favourite contradictions, which covers 19 “contradictions” in one chapter.

In addition, you will also discover:

  • The Teachings of Islam
  • What Muslims think about Jesus?
  • Answers to questions Muslims ask

Also available in German: Mit Muslimen im Gespräch

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