Gleichnisse – Verborgene Schätze, Teil 3: Senfkorn und Sauerteig – Joanna Richardson.

Mario Wahnschaffe

10. Juni 2024
38 Minuten

Gleichnisse – Verborgene Schätze, Teil 3: Senfkorn und Sauerteig – Joanna Richardson.
Matthew 13:31-35
New International Version
Matthew 13:31-35. The parables of the mustard seed and the yeast.

The mustard seed, the smallest of seeds, grows into the largest garden plant, symbolizing the Kingdom of Heaven starting small but growing large and significant. This parable challenges our obsession with big and instant results, reminding us that God’s Kingdom grows in ways we may not immediately see or understand.

The parable of the yeast illustrates how a small amount can transform a large batch of dough. This teaches us that even our small, seemingly insignificant actions can have a profound impact on God’s Kingdom. We may not always see immediate results, but God is always at work in the hidden and small things.

In our modern world, we might feel insignificant or powerless, especially when faced with challenges to our faith. However, these parables encourage us to trust in God’s timing and His way of growing His Kingdom. Our small acts of faith, kindness, and prayer matter immensely.

As we look around and see the remnants of a once thriving Christian culture, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But we are called to see with spiritual eyes, to trust in the growth that God promises. Let’s not despise small beginnings but embrace them, knowing that God uses the humble and insignificant for His purposes.

Remember, God is at work in our everyday lives, in the small and hidden moments. Let’s open our hearts, ears, and eyes to His work, finding encouragement in the truth that His Kingdom is growing, even when we cannot see it. Be faithful in the little things, for they have a big impact in God’s Kingdom.”


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